Bodega Iniesta


Discover Bodega Iniesta and the passion of my family for our land and their wines. The dedication for this project during decades achieves to get mixed the traditional and modernity to surprise the wine lovers.

Located in Fuentealbilla, in the heart of the D.O. La Manchuela, Spain, and with more than 120 hectares of vineyards, Bodega Iniesta elaborates its wines supervised by an excellent technical team of highly respected winemakers, achieving high quality products such as Corazón Loco, Finca el Carril or Minuto 116.



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Very happy for my debut....although today’s negative result. Now we will keep working and preparing for next game.…
Muy feliz por el debut...aunque el resultado haya sido negativo. Ahora seguiremos trabajando y preparnos para el pr…
Tercer día de entrenamiento. Gracias por vuestro apoyo 💪💪💪 Third day of training. Thanks for your support 💪💪💪

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Iniesta’s Methodology is a project that has born with the dream to share with all of you the football knowledge that I have acquired during my career as a player since I started.